Friday, September 21, 2007

London, Smokers, Beekeeping, and Rare Books...

Smoking bans are brilliant, brilliant, inventions. Every country should have them. The difference it makes to going out, even walking by a restaurant or bar, and being able to breeeeeaaaathe!!! But. What amazes me is the number of people who complain about the ban, swear they will have to quit smoking, and then don't. Smoking kills you. Smoking in Britain now means sitting in some little "garden" area, in summer possible a pleasant patio, in winter a few tables exiled to the outdoors. And. It's COLD. At midnight, even in September, it's FREEZING. Is that all really worth it?

Anyhow. That's my smoking rant for now. Even with the smoke or lack of it, I've had a lovely relaxing week with no job or schoolwork to worry me. I have to be up in Oxford next Wednesday for my first orientation, and I've been looking confusedly at my lecture lists, and I'm starting to feel little niggles of stress. Mostly, however, my days consist of waking up at a decent time, dancing or running, then reading/drinking tea/listening to, or, as time went on, trying to drown out the sounds of Dean's too familiar final project track. I do have a lot of reading to get to, but it's fairly enjoyable. And Dean has been too busy to do anything, so it seems to have worked out just right.

I did go to a Claremont Colleges Happy Hour earlier this week, where I met a handful of Claremont alums. I also went to see a play that Meagan designed (for those of you who don't know, Meagan is just finishing her Master's in Theatre Design). It would sound fairly melodramatic if I described it (well I will anyhow: after arriving in London to stay with a girl with whom he had a three week fling, the lead catches her with another guy and goes to the house of the only other person he knows in London, a crazy, forgetful, pack rat ish, deaf, rather ethereal girl he met on the tube that day. They spend quite some time together, she disappears, he searches for her, sort of moves on and goes back to original girl, sees her at end, trauma. See? It sounds melodramatic). BUT it was one of the best plays I have ever seen. The actors were excellent; the design was perfect, thanks to Meagan; I enjoyed it more than any play I've seen in quite a long time. And it had a Scottish beekeeper in it.

Dean finishes tomorrow, so I'll be meeting Kim, another Scrippsie, for lunch and then heading up to meet his class for drinks. I'm hoping to catch one of the new exhibits at the victoria and Albert Museum, either on Lee Miller or Paris Couture (see Both sound amazing, but the couture one only opens tomorrow so it might be a bit crazy trying to get in.

Ahhhh...I FINALLY made my way to the little tiny rare books/used books shop in Chiswick High Road. If anyone's seen Black Books, picture that but smaller. If not, just think tiny shop, piles of books, very nice. Lots and lots of lovely illustrated books from my childhood...Blue Fairy and Olive Fairy and Peter Pan and The Princess and the Goblin. As well as some very nicely done Irish histories and an illustrated copy of The Informer (for you Dad). And on that note, I almost wish I had just finished school instead of just starting, because the Rambert Dance Company (very very famous) is looking for an archivist for their extensive dance archives....

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Monkeypat83 said...

Well whichever exhibit you got to at the V&A you can go to the other one later in the year because they are both open though the rest of the year. Don't forget to tell me about it so I can feel jealous! I asked around and the only museum in Salinas anyone knows of is the one in the Steinbeck center. Oh and there is an art gallery in Old Town near Bliss that is actually quite cool. Diane and I have gone there a few times just to walk around. Soooo point being tell me all about it or better yet send me any brosures or papers you get there.