Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oxford: The Beginnings...

(My house in Oxford)

I've finally moved to Oxford!!!!! Well, I am currently sitting in London, but I spent the second half of the week up there moving in to my room, getting various errands done, getting the lay of things, etc. This is what I discovered:
1) Oxford is colder than London. I also keep forgetting that it's not still the end of summer.
2) You need a bike. I think I walked 12 miles the first day. I now have a bike.
3) My room is huuuuuuuge!!!! It has a fireplace (which I am not allowed to use), a conservatory that opens onto the very large back garden, a nice kitchen around the corner, kooky wallpaper in the hall, and a friendly housekeeper.

(My room...part of it at least)

4) Graduate sub-fusc gowns are particularly ugly. Well, actually kind of cool as well. The are quite short, with now sleeves, and women wear a black ribbon tie and a squishy black cap. I get to wear it for Matriculation (on the 13th in the Sheldonian), for some dinners, and various other things.
5) My college (Linacre, see has good food. And nice people. Very nice. And it's a lovely walk from my house through the University Parks (
6) I live very very close to the Parks, particularly nice for runs. I can get from there to Mesopotamia (,_Oxford), where I can see lots of birds (swans, herons, geese, ducks, mockingbirds, and many more).
7) The English building at Oxford is one of the ugliest.
8) All in all, I am very very excited :).

My few days up there were quite busy, trying to get money sorted, coursework, errands, bank account, etc. etc. A friend from home came to visit as well, so Dean and I walked with around Oxford, in the Christchurch Meadows and such. We had dinner at Linacre (excellent food) and a drink at the King's Arms (for Crowley). I'm back in London just for the weekend to get more stuff and see a few people. Dean, Meagan, and I went to Spitalfields Market this morning just to look around and take pictures...

(notice the brownie samples...there was a pile about three feet high of brownies)

unfortunately the food hall is closed for construction but we enjoyed The Big Draw London, which included random people setting up sketch books for the public and placing models for the public to draw. I would add pictures but I can't seem to get them to flip the right direction on the blog. Anyhow, it was fun. I'm back to Oxford tomorrow for some orientation/induction/fresher's week stuff...a full day with the English Faculty on Tuesday and various events from meetings to wine tastings for the next week. Lectures start next week...


Miribella Designs said...

Sounds lovely...well, except the coldness.

Monkeypat83 said...

Yeah the cold does not sound fun. It is still hotish here. September has the highest average temp of the year here soooo but it is getting colder at night.