Thursday, January 31, 2008

Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations and the Swiss Army Book

In case anyone else might possibly be interested in artists' books (I assume there must be at least a few people), here's some very very cool ones. Very cool. My B course essay is leaning towards the direction of an examination of definitions of the book seen through artists' books that particularly engage with the subject...for instance Begbie's book on what is a book. But these are some especially interesting books:

(Edward Ruscha's Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations, often hailed as one of the first artists' books (I'm not so sure))

"Swiss Army Book"--A unique artists' book by M. L. Van Nice, on display as part of "The Book As Art" exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. This book is modeled on the Swiss army knife, with different writing tools like a typewriter that fold out of the book. (Courtesy of the National Museum of Women)

See also for Tom Phillip's Humument (sorry, it's not letting me link it, so you'll have to copy and paste)...although I'm not so sure about altered books (possibly due to the fact that it's become such a trendy thing to do...there's a magazine called Altered Objects or something of the sort, and everyone sells "altered" notebooks at every street fair). This book, however, is amazing.

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Will said...

The 26 gasoline stations guy just did like a 15 minute interview on Radio 4 - if you're interested, go to "" and try "listen again"...