Saturday, February 9, 2008


It's so beautiful outside! There are flowers on the trees (I know, silly trees, they're risking a lot...reminds me of the one obstinate tree at St. Ignatius that would bloom every year in January)...the birds are singing...I only needed a sweater to go outside, not a coat and scarf...the protesters are marching (both for and against animal testing, mind you)...and I'm stuck writing presentations. But with the window open!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just sayin' is BUSY. I'm just sayin.' As Whitney would say. In my head, I didn't think the amount of work here could be thaaat different than Scripps. Scripps was no walk in the park. But the fact that I literally have to work to find an hour or hour and a half a day to practice says something (and All-Irelands is next weekend, so it's been two hours a day recently, when I can). And I honestly think I've read more in the past four weeks than I did in most semesters at Scripps.