Saturday, February 9, 2008


It's so beautiful outside! There are flowers on the trees (I know, silly trees, they're risking a lot...reminds me of the one obstinate tree at St. Ignatius that would bloom every year in January)...the birds are singing...I only needed a sweater to go outside, not a coat and scarf...the protesters are marching (both for and against animal testing, mind you)...and I'm stuck writing presentations. But with the window open!

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Alan L. Gallagher said...

Canby. 2-26-08. Tuesday Evening.
Spring is here:

In bloom: crocuses (white and purple), violets (purple), daffodils (yellow), forsythia (yellow....brought into the house to force their bloom), snowdrops white), green buds on trees.

Calling at night: Pacific Tree Frogs (the Hollywood "movie" frogs), but not as many because the Farmers' Market has filled in some of the creek. Kildeer running through the fields and flying overhead in the dark. Canada Geese and ducks on the move at night.