Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy busy busy busy

Very busy. I have two essays due in the next week or so, and I'm binding one of them (as in, properly, with beautiful materials and such). I don't think binding will take long, but I'm not sure...it's my first time. I went to Falkiner's in London and got all the materials, and I've been reading about for my essay. Also, I got a beautiful book by the Purgatory Pie Press called How to Make Books.
I also got to visit the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum to look at some of the artists' books I've been researching. I thought I'd gotten the full experience from the pictures, but it was definitely worth handling the books in person. One was three times as big as I'd expected...they're designed to be viewed intimately.

Other than that...All Irelands is over. I got 17th! As my goal was top twenty, I was quite pleased. Dean and I had a good weekend. We went to our favorite cafe in Killarney and had the BEST banoffee pie in the world.

There weren't very many people there though...I'm starting to feel old as people in my age group retire. A number of them are now TCRGs. I'm thinking about doing my exam either next year or the year after, depending on where I am job-wise.

Speaking of jobs...I've been applying for graduate trainee positions at various libraries in London and Oxford. Basically, they're internships to prepare you for Library School. I've gotten some interviews, possibly an offer, so things are moving along. I just have to decide where I want to be working. It's HARD!! I'll keep updating on that though. Ideally I should know towards the end of the month.

I got to see Meagan and Whitney last week, and a friend from high school (Evan) is coming down from Cambridge tomorrow...also saw Joachim from Jack Kent Cooke over the weekend. Went to Meagan's show, saw Laura Marling, did some St. Pat's shows in advance (and more to come)...life is good.

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