Friday, September 26, 2008

Bod and all that

It struck me as I wrote that title that there are way too many plays on the "and all that" thing. Just a thought. I should change my title, but I won't.

So, after being terribly terribly lapse (aka lazy and forgetful), I am determined to keep on top of the blog. We'll see how long that lasts, but it's a start. Actually, Ian, the trainee at the History Library, is writing a blog about his work and it inspired me.

In case you hadn't already figured it out then, I've started work at the Bodleian. Well, after a week in the bookstacks I've been doing my first placement of the year at the Radcliffe Science Library (point of interest that makes me jump up and down in happiness -- the doors to the keeper's office are carved Eric Gill!!!!!!!!). So far, I've been doing quite a bit of covering for one of the women in circulation who is on holiday for two weeks. That means I'm at the front desk, dealing with patrons and answering questions and stuff. A lot of the stuff is what I did at Denison at Scripps, but obviously in a new situation and to a new level with more responsibility, so I'm learning a lot. The RSL still gets books over from the Bodleian stacks twice a day, and we do have our own bookstack, so we all do one or two "fetches" a day. At the moment, each fetch is maybe 5-10 books, but when terms starts in a few weeks the number will skyrocket. I've been going through a lot of reading lists for professors, checking to see if we have the books or if they're available online. I'm only meant to search the catalogue, but a) I know half of the ones not in the catalogue are available through websites (lots of NGO publications and stuff), so I've been tracking them down and b) numerous professors CAN'T SEEM TO WRITE TITLES CORRECTLY so I have to do more work and am sometimes still left puzzled as they seem to be nonexistent texts. I am learning a lot more about our search resources though, especially as Google is digitising more of our books and we have our own e-resources.

If you're interested in beautiful libraries, check out this link. It's pretty much amazing. Yup.

And...Whitney's little sister is on America's Next Top Model. It's kinda cool.