Monday, October 13, 2008


Things have been fairly brisk; last week was fresher's week (0th week), and this week is the first week of term, so the library has been full of new students being inducted and toured and generally dazed. The RSL decided that rather than giving tours to all the new students, we would give them a short presentation on the catalogue (our new search engine, to be more specific -- the catalogue is a bit old and clunky and was meant to be replaced, but it didn't work out due to the complexity of Oxford's many many libraries and the volume of books, so we have instead a new way to search the catalogue. But then you still have to link into the catalogue to order books or find out if they're checked out. It's a little bit complicated, but generally decent). After the presentation, the students were sent on a treasure hunt around the library and rewarded with...get this...a copy card!!!! With .50 on it!!! Actually, quite a few were very pleased to have it (and the rest will be when their first essays are due!). I managed to greet and present to the freshers without incident, and also spent a pleasant afternoon at the Freshers Fair collection ephemera for the John Johnson Collection. I'm very very excited to have discovered that the Oxford Society of Bibliophiles has been resurrected, in part by my printing teacher from last year.

Today I helped out at the Zoology Library, as they were down one person (I think?) and thought it might be quite busy due to start of term. In fact, it's been steady but not busy, at least not compared to the Bodleian or the RSL. It's a very small library, with a large and special collection on Ornithology.

In other news...Dean is off to Dublin without me (sigh) because of money and work obligations. I attended a really nice christening yesterday (Marion's baby, Ciarra Roisin), and caught up with Kim from Scripps on Saturday at brunch. It was over 70 degrees yesterday (finally!), and biking everywhere was a pleasure. Not so much today -- it's chilly and foggy, although not wet.

Also, Alice and I decided to make a Christmas Fruitcake now. We baked it Saturday night (the amount of butter and sugar we used.....), and will feed it with brandy until it is time to host a Christmas party for the other trainees. Yum. She's also teaching me to knit. As my friend Will put it, I'm still on this side of the cliche until I make my own jam. I late. Dean just laughs.

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Alan L. Gallagher said...

What is ornithography ? Writing by birds ? Is this a new type of book ?