Saturday, October 4, 2008

Knitting and Books

My housemates knits. And she's teaching us. So Sunday afternoons, a group of about 8 librarians gather to knit. Dean laughs.

I knitted three rows yesterday. And they looked pretty bad, but they were actual knitted stitches. Anyone who knows my experiences with sewing will know this is an accomplishment (for those of you who don't, suffice to say that I am quite adept at hemming, repairing, and other things that don't require spatial awareness. I can't, however, make things. They come out crooked, or worse).

Also, anyone who knows our family might really enjoy reading Anne Fadiman's Ex Libris. Especially the chapter called "My Ancestral Castles" that sounds scarily like one of my own essays.
I really (really) enjoyed the bit on proofreading. Few people (well, actually, anyone who knows me well enough to know I'm a bit obsessive over a few things. Well, a lot of things) know that I absolutely hate hate hate poor grammar.

This is all being discovered thanks to the Bodleian and my newfound favorite place the staff library, which is full of books on books and librarianship. I am in heaven.

Other than that, things are well :).

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Alan L. Gallagher said...

On 12-13-08, Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland, will visit Portland. I expect to be invited to meet her. This is for the Irish Cross, Famine Commemoration, and AOH celebration. Too bad you will miss this.

She, like Mary Robinson, is an accomplished lawyer. You can find biographies at the Irish Presidents' website.

I have written to her ahead of time, hoping to catch her attention, and shall report if I am successful.


I am in a reading group, which starts a bit later this month, for Finnegans Wake: we will see how it goes.

The President of PPC signed my Diploma for the Honorary Degree in Irish Literature, based upon the thesis on At Swim-Two-Birds. The idea of the Honorary Thesis, good at least two days a year, is as worthy of Flann O'Brien as is the thesis itself (which I think is funny).