Friday, November 28, 2008

evil germs. evil evil evil.

This was meant to be a really good week. My presentation to the whole RSL staff on Wednesday, training in web publishing, taking Thanksgiving off work, getting my hair done, going to the dentist (all right, not usually on the list of cool things to do but needed doing), and then Marion's feis this weekend, with all plans to win if possible and have fun helping either way. And I'm sick. I had to miss my presentation Wednesday as well as training, cancel all appointments, and although I'll be helping at the feis to the best of my energy level capabilities, I'm not sure about dancing. I suspect I'll feel well enough by Sunday but haven't danced since Tuesday...grrrrr. At least I didn't end up in the hospital like Mikki...

On a lighter note, home in 20 days!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 minutes all I have. Things have been so busy...
In a few lines, this is the past two weeks:
The Cripple of Inismaan (Druid Theatre, GO SEE) -- best play I've seen in quite awhile
Mike again!
View from the top of St. Mary's
Work work work
Dance dance dance
Two (argh) tutoring jobs (extra Christmas money)
Christmas shopping with Dean
Working on presentation for Staff Training (I get to tell everyone about the Binder's Book)
Dance more
Dance more
Next week is our school's feis, so dance and run stages more
Making muffins
Starbucks breakfasts with the other trainees
Cold weather
Beautiful autumn leaves
Lectures on 15th century Italian cookbooks

I know that's madness, but I don't have time to write it all out. Home in 29 days!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

do you have a book? i think it has a red cover? or maybe blue...and some white letters?

That, my friends, gets asked ALL THE TIME.
Reader: "I'm looking for a book...."
Me: "Well, you've come to the right place...." (inner cringe)
Reader: "I don't know the title" (well, we can work with that, there are ways of finding these things)
"But I think it has a red cover..."
Look around you! You're in a library! Argh!!!! Cue head bashing on wall etc.

Generally, I really like helping people find things in the library. I spent all Thursday afternoon tracking down an 1860s biblical text for a reader and it was so much fun (despite the fact that we discovered that there was a serious catalogue error and it had to be passed onto someone else). It's just the people who don't bother to think that worry me...

Anyhow, life is bopping along. Had a traumatising experience at Catweazle the other night with a man called The Naked Mystic (aka Rupert, which tops it all off). Envision Rumi, a shiny loancloth, and then nothing. Will's closing act (as Faceometer) saved the day, however, with his fork, balloon, and five figs. Listen here (although the figs have yet to appear).

In other news, certain British town councils have decided that their employees must stop using latin terms because people...gasp...might not know them!!! No more vice versa, e.g., etc....etc. Sigh.

And I'm pleased Obama won (although we'll see where it goes from here), but if one more person who doesn't even know who McCain is asks me if I'm happy with the election, I will strangle them. Seriously.