Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 minutes all I have. Things have been so busy...
In a few lines, this is the past two weeks:
The Cripple of Inismaan (Druid Theatre, GO SEE) -- best play I've seen in quite awhile
Mike again!
View from the top of St. Mary's
Work work work
Dance dance dance
Two (argh) tutoring jobs (extra Christmas money)
Christmas shopping with Dean
Working on presentation for Staff Training (I get to tell everyone about the Binder's Book)
Dance more
Dance more
Next week is our school's feis, so dance and run stages more
Making muffins
Starbucks breakfasts with the other trainees
Cold weather
Beautiful autumn leaves
Lectures on 15th century Italian cookbooks

I know that's madness, but I don't have time to write it all out. Home in 29 days!!!!


Alan L. Gallagher said...

I saw the Cripple at the U of Portland, which does good plays, and likes to do Irish plays. They also did Friel's Translations several years back.

Alan L. Gallagher said...

November 21, the day I married your Mother, was selected because it is the peak of the waterfowl migration at Sauvie Island, just north of Portland, where, at close of day, flocks of 40,000--100,000 waterfowl--ducks, geese, swans, cranes--can be seen flying overhead as they fly to their resting places for the night. On the dike at Rentenaar Road, one can see them flying overhead. The flocks accumulate on the island, until the first storms of December send them further South to the Klamath Refuges. These are among the great sights of Oregon, to be found just a few minutes north of the largely unsuspecting city. I sent my friend Daniel out, with his two young girls to enjoy this, since you all are not here once again to go along. alg