Friday, November 28, 2008

evil germs. evil evil evil.

This was meant to be a really good week. My presentation to the whole RSL staff on Wednesday, training in web publishing, taking Thanksgiving off work, getting my hair done, going to the dentist (all right, not usually on the list of cool things to do but needed doing), and then Marion's feis this weekend, with all plans to win if possible and have fun helping either way. And I'm sick. I had to miss my presentation Wednesday as well as training, cancel all appointments, and although I'll be helping at the feis to the best of my energy level capabilities, I'm not sure about dancing. I suspect I'll feel well enough by Sunday but haven't danced since Tuesday...grrrrr. At least I didn't end up in the hospital like Mikki...

On a lighter note, home in 20 days!!!!


Alan L. Gallagher said...

We received a letter, from the Assistant to the President of Ireland, sent on letterhead from the Official Residence at Phoenix Park, Dublin, thanking us for our correspondence(I sent to the President copies of your two theses, mine, and a version of your Essay), and noting that we, you and I, would be specifically invited to the Portland reception for the President on 12-13-08, and that explains-- voila ! -- why a special invitation came, addressed to Mr. Alan Gallagher, and Ms. Elizabeth Gallagher, from the Irish General Counsel in San Francisco. Your Mother and I had already received our special invitation, because we were on Sam's List. Of course, you won't be there, but you have the invitation for your Irish scrapbook (if you have one), and...I keep dreaming....they will finally "read between the lines" and grant us both full Irish citizenship (hah!). Our ancestors came here too early to allow us to be eligible: does that seem fair ?
Who deserves it more than I, after all these years of being professional Irish ? And now even more with my "Honorary Degree." And you, with your dancing and academic work, have been Ambassador for Ireland, actually doing the President's job, of representing Ireland ceremonially.


Anonymous said...

12-13-08. Mary MacAleese, the President of Ireland, today in Portland dedicated an Irish Stone Cross, 5 tons, 13 feet high, built in County Donegal, as a Memorial to An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger, aka The Great Famine. The Cross is placed in Mt Calvary Catholic Cemetery in the hills of NW Portland. It was snowing and freezing during the ceremony. Your Mother and I attended a reception later and met the President for a moment. I only got to say: "Gallagher, County Donegal, 1791." All the usual suspects were there, including Breda, Molly, Sinead, the dancers, Sam, Peter, etc. And Father John. alg