Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Libraries and blogs

I've been asked to do a little research and talk about using blogs in library and information science settings. Did you know that the first blog was started in the mid-90s? And that free blogging services began in 2000? Somehow I think of blogs as a bit newer, but I guess that's only because they've really taken off in the past few years. Enough so that people can write articles saying things like "The Death of Newspapers Will Be the Hero of Newspapers," etc (some of the titles are really bad).

Anyway, in my research, I've come across some really nice blogs. I had a bit of a debate with one of the other staff members of the usefulness of blogs (well, and the internet in general, but mostly blogs). He claimed that most of them were pointless. To a point, I agree that unless you have some vested interest in the writer, many are. It's not like the world waits with bated breath to read about my day. But some of them are pretty cool. Take a look at Time's blog awards , but be prepared to waste a day or so exploring them. In terms of library blogs, there are whole compilations of them. I enjoyed this one, but check out this list for more.

In other news...being a librarian rocks (as you can tell by this bag here):

It's cold here. But our heat is fixed!

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