Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Things I Like Today

Well. I thought about calling it "My Favorite/Favourite Things," but I'm not in a Sound of Music mood today. "Some Things I Like Today" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but oh well.

These are some of the things with which I'm currently fascinated, in no particular order.

My sisters robot prints. Of which I will one day post a photo.

My sister is an incredible artist, and she has given D and I each prints from her robot series over the past year. I have fiiiiinally gotten around to framing them, and they will eventually make it from the floor of our living room onto the bedroom wall. Along with the Arthur Rackham prints I got from D last year. And the Portland postcards. etc.

These sorts of postcards of Portland. They too will make it up on my walls. Kitchen, perhaps?

(via NWArtMall)

These pictures. They're squished. (via Thierry Bouet)

Since it's Lent and I can't have them, these lovely goodies:

(Angelina's in Paris, best hot chocolate and macaron I ever had)

Sleep. You just can't beat it.

Also snuggles.

And finding things to put up on my walls.

Ps. On Shrove Tuesday (last day blowout before Lent), I had a Jam Donut flavoured milkshake. Who would have guessed? It was good. Not as good as the carrot cake one I had a while ago.

PPS. Mom is coming to Worlds. Only 15 more days...!!!!!!


Cathy said...

Good luck at worlds!!!!!!!!

Alan L. Gallagher said...

Your Mother is also framing one of Margaret's ROBOT prints, which I also love...and she is looking forward to seeing you dance at World's in Philadelphia. I have not been to Philadelphia since 1974...when I graduated from Law School, I took a vacation at Atlantic City and Cape May, New Jersey for birdwatching with Pamela and Jack and Carol, who met me there. I traveled by bus to catch up with them. alg