Saturday, April 4, 2009

New York, New York (and Philly. And the World Championships. Which is really a location in itself)

So. With my last day of work out of the way about ten minutes ago, I am counting down the hours til we leave for Worlds. And really truly, the Worlds bit is the most important and best part of the trip, especially because it's the last one for me (oh dear I am getting old). BUT I am also going to NYC and seeing and staying with lovely people, which is building a gradually but persistently growing bit of excitement within my stomach. !! I can't wait.

The thing is, D is not a touristy attraction type person, and I don't like planning out my stays to the minute (although he would argue otherwise, I do really truly just like walking places and wandering), and I don't know NYC. Any suggestions? I like green spaces, books, vintage shopping, markets, art, water, and perhaps a show.

PS. The excitement is intermittently overwhelmed by the pure panic that always sets in before Worlds. Have I practiced enough? I should be practicing now. No, resting. No, practicing. No, packing. No, practicing. ARGH!

PPS. For those of you who don't know the wonders of the world of Irish dancing competitions, post soon to come (perhaps after Worlds, with pictures). It is truly another dimension. Just ask my friend Will.


Alan said...

Hey ! You have already seen New York. We took you there (I was there for a PLI conference) when you were little, and Colin was a baby. You would have been just over age two (2). You got to visit....the Fulton Fish Market, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the world's greatest toy store, F.A..O. Schwartz (now closed, as is the one in San Francisco). We may even have pictures somewhere.

The Fulton Fish Market is gone, but the Brooklyn Bridge is still one of New York's great sites (and reverberates in its literature, through Whitman and Hart Crane): it is just lovely.

The Statue of Liberty remains wonderful. Years ago, I went to the top, which I understand perhaps one cannot do now, in this security-conscious age.

You could go to the top of the Empire State Building (a famous site, also made famous in movies, not just King Kong, but An Affair to Remember, etc.).

Central Park is lovely, and it will be starting Spring there.

Years ago, your Mother was in New York, living and working there, and she bought me something from Tiffany's, all that she could afford, which was a tie pin (The least expensive thing in the Store, BUT it was from Tiffany's).

More later.


gpc said...

Recommend: St. Patrick's Cathedral (especially if you are planning to go dancing on Good Friday); Circle Line Ferry for tour around Manhattan Island; Times Square is safe and amazing; catch a horse & buggy ride -- the strain on the horses is leading some to suggest closing the rides.