Friday, April 17, 2009

Philly, NYC, and All That

Hooray! I am back from a fabulous but oh-so-exhausting trip that was possibly the best vacation yet. It was the first time that Dean and I have really had even part of a holiday that had nothing to do with visiting family or dancing (ok, the reason for the trip was dancing and we did see family and friends, but the last 5 days were just fun).

Honestly, it would take waaay too long to talk about all the cool fun things we did, but some highlights include:

  • 26th at World's!!!!!!
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • Lots of nights out without having to go to work or dance the next day

  • Seeing the Met Opera dress rehearsal with Meagan

  • Going out with Rachel

  • Going to the Met and seeing Degas' Dancer
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • Hanging out with Anna
  • Staten Island Ferry
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • Man Utd game at Nevada Smith's (although not so much the beer that got thrown afterwards)
  • The Philly Art Museum steps (aka Rocky Steps)
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • The view from our hotel room
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches at Jim's on South Street
Photo by Dean McCarthy
  • The Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien (it's behind the curtain. And totally grungy. And it rocks)

Various other cool things included champagne, hummus, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Joe cooking us dinner. Oh and seeing my Mom and Kim!

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