Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a week in snippets

Nearly every spare minute of mine has been devoted in some form or another to dance, eating, or sleeping over the past week, so this is going to be short. It has to fit into the last 5 minutes of my break at work...

So, without further ado, the most memorable things of the past 10 days or so...
1. A 3 year old telling me my lifts must be "much much much higher"
2. Said 3 year old then hugging me.
3. Will stoically managing 7 hours of dancing competition.
4. Will's dad managing over 2 hours.
5. Canals, curry, and flamingo wallpaper.
6. Hugs.
7. Rehearsal for Yeats at Garsington, with a kitchen full of musicians, running through the dances on the kitchen floor with tea in hand.
8. Being told you can't dance to Si Bheag Si Mhor.
9. Dancing to it. Nicely.
10. Someone outside my family expressing interest in my dissertation/
11. A card from Cathy.
12. A lovely Sunday with Dean...sleeping in, French toast, little bit of NYC/Philly shopping, tennis in the park, and relaxed dinner.
13. Planting garlic.
14. Getting hair cut! (well that's later today but it still counts)
15. Finally doing a decent hard jig.

I think that's it.

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Alan said...

I first met Si beag, si mor in Ireland, in Sligo, and fell in love with the melody. When in Ireland, and England/Wales/France, I carried my recorder, would play music at bus and train stops as a way to meet people, and sought out local music and musicians everywhere. I didn't know what the tune was called. When I came to Portland, there was a pub in Northwest where Irish musicians gathered to play once a week. I went to listen. I asked about the melody, if they knew it, and whistled it. Soon,one by one, about 20 musicians joined in to play it...all knew it and loved it. Later I learned to play it on the recorder.

I remember, in Seattle, an underground musician with his harp who,at my request, did both this and Carolan's Concerto. I love Irish tunes not just for the music but also, at times, for the lovely names. A favorite, both the name and the tune, is--


When I first moved to Portland, I joined in a music group. We practiced a couple of times a week, and played once a month at Portland State University for Morris Dancing. I played recorder, another guitar, another hammer dulcimer.