Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Plans

It's Friday!!!! I swear that is becoming more and more like music. I love my job, but the past few months have been so busy that I wake up counting down the days until I can sleep past 7.

This week itself has been a fantastic mix of old friends and old plays and fun. My good friend Ryan from high school came to visit (one of those random "Liz! I'm in England! Are you?" emails that I so love). Unfortunately I had to work, but we spent a sunny evening wandering through colleges and along the canals before meeting Dean and his lot for dinner. I hadn't seen Ryan in a couple years (he's a park ranger and tends not to be home in the summer), so we got to catch up and trade police pull-over stories.
Dean and I also went to see the Druid Theatre's production of The Playboy of the Western World. It was fantastic. Let me start by saying we got FREE tickets because we're oh-so-stylishly "under-26's". The government definitely gets some things right.

I've seen the Druid in action before; Dean and I saw The Cripple of Inishmaan in November. I know some people weren't thrilled with it, but I thought it was fantastic. Likewise with this. For all my reading of the play, I forget sometimes that it is a play. It is meant not only to be read and analysed and enjoyed but also to engage an audience of real live people. The production brought out both the pathos and the humanity of the characters in a way I think everyone in the audience, even those who clearly didn't know anything about Synge, could enjoy. Christy, especially, was both entirely pathetic and endearing. The play was actually hilarious. The only thing that troubled me was the amount of laughs it was getting right up until the final line -- but then, perhaps that was ideal. Part of the play's thrust comes as it both makes fun of and celebrates the life the characters lead -- its triteness and its incredible reality.

As for the rest of the weekend:

Cleaning house (not my favorite. Actually, who am I kidding. I like it)
Dean's mum and Alan coming to visit!
People over for some talk and wine tonight
Out with girls/Dean/work people tomorrow
Sleeping in Sunday!
Running if the sun shows itself
Making rhubarb bread with rhubarb from Ian's garden
Designing and printing (with the Bod's press) a print of Rilke quotes


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