Sunday, May 17, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Well, I've been posting lots of interesting children's books (I refrained from posting the Naked Mole Rat Wears Clothes book but I'm sure you can imagine it in sufficient slightly creepy detail -- "naked mole rats are part mole and part rat but allllll naked), lots of catty comments about teenage films (that I'm sure I didn't see and enjoy and and read), and lots of cute kittens, but I have been up to more than that.

Dean and I hosted a dinner/party thingamajig last night that went well...some library people and some SAE people and some Scripps people and some other people and lots of food and ice cream sundaes and, of course, champagne because it's my favourite drink (and also because Manchester United won the Premier League yesterday).

I also voted for the Professor of Poetry (did you know that only somewhere around 400 people voted in total, even given all the added publicity that the campaigns got due to Derek Walcott pulling out? I think that's a bit sad and a lot surprising). I went running lots. And danced lots. I learned that the Bodleian is responsible for some important Library of Congress subject headings, including "veganism." Fun fun.

I've also been printing again. I wanted to do a nice print of some Rilke lines, and I had planned to typewrite them and add some nice woodcut or something of the sort, but I couldn't find anything and decided to use the Bod's Bibliography Room (because Paul Nash, master printer, is wildly friendly and willing to help). So I'm back to printing presses, and realising I could actually spend my lunch and breaks every week printing if I wanted to. Wow. Fun.

I am starting belly dancing with Kim this week! And seeing Star Trek! And finally reading Brick Lane (Monica Ali) to see if it's as good as the fuss! And trying not to spend money!!!! And using too many exclamation points!

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Alan said...

In a Stephen Spender translation from Rilke, from memory:

There is nothing so small but I love it,
And paint it gold-groundly and great,
And hold it most precious, and know not whose soul,
It may liberate.