Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Beautiful or strange and scary? Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is being released next year, but the photos are coming out already. Alice lends itself to the strange -- it's more than just a kid's book on so many levels, and Burton isn't the first to take it on artistically. Arthur Rackham, for example (one of my favourite illustrators), and even Salvador Dali (not only are they two of my favourites, but they're part of my job right now! I'm working on a collection of Rackham books, and we've got the Dali Alice illustrations ready for Oxford's Alice Day. I love my work).

Lewis Carroll was an interesting man...but he wrote some gooooood stuff.

PS. If you're interested, he was also a pretty brilliant mathematician and logician. He came up with some formulas still in use today, was a fantastic and ground-breaking photographer, and designed a voting system that would have shaken up UK politics quite a bit. He also wrote some fantastic logic lessons for kids. Check some of his logic games out here.


Lauren said...

I am totally not a fan of Dali, but I love the down the rabbit hole picture!

Betty said...

The pictures look really cool, but I'm personally just sick of Tim Burton remaking a fantastical classic and like, putting it on drugs to make it crazy, and then adding Johnny Depp. Okay, with Sweeney Todd, I think Burton was a good match for the feel of the musical. But his humor is definitely different than the sort of dark humor in either Alice or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It just sort of feels to me that he's tainting the original books.