Friday, June 12, 2009

"An Artful Craft" and "Bound for Success": Bindings at the Bod

I love my job. Although I popped in at the end of it and so only really got to help cart empty boxes back and forth, I get to be a part of things like the new bindings exhibits. We've hauled out all of our best bindings, ranging from early Islamic and Armenian works to 20th century Arts and Crafts, Dove Press, and Kelmscott bindings. We're also featuring a shortlist of entrants in the Designer Bookbinders International Competition (read more here). And they're so beautiful! If you get a chance to look at or buy either of these catalogues (wait a bit for the Artful Craft one; it's not written yet), do!

If you're in Oxford, the exhibit is free! Check out the Bod's website here for more details.

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