Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My New Life Calling: Bibliotherapy

I work in a library. I spend a great deal of my time, therefore, recommending books, helping people find books, shelving books, touching books, reading about get the picture. And although I am living on my salary, it's never going to be huge if I stay in the library (unless I get the job I really really want. Or one that's related to libraries but not in a library. Or maybe in a museum. Or a law firm library).

So. When I learned that someone, somewhere, is making reading lists for people based on their interested and getting paid 35 pounds a half hour, I actually started spluttering (Dean and Alice will attest). All I could do was point and splutter. Clearly, I have missed my true path in life. I am going to start marketing myself. Any takers? I will do what the School of Life does as a part of their Bibliotherapy service:

"Make an appointment to meet one of our therapists – either in person or by phone or email – and you can discuss any area that you would like some books to shed light on. Perhaps you are looking for a set of books to help you think about your career options, or you’d like to fathom an aspect of a relationship. Maybe you want to spend six months reading history books or you have a demanding five-year-old for whom you’d like to put together a small library for the year ahead." (from School of Life)

This is what I do. Daily.

I will only charge 20 pounds for an initial consultation and a substantial starting list. Seriously. I grew up with the biggest home library I have ever seen, I take books as seriously as food, I work as a librarian in Oxford, and I did a graduate degree in literature. I can take you places your brain didn't even know were there. Even the Guardian now writes about it here.....

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