Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sigh :)

from Briar Press (much thanks!)

After feeling vaguely antisocial for a number of days, I just found my groove again after some girl-time with fellow Scrippsie Kim. She works for a local magazine and gets to do regular review dinners (lucky girl!), and treated me to dinner at Strada. Really, it could have been beans on toast (with wine) and I would have enjoyed it as much...I think I needed some time to talk about boyfriends, sappy novels, and work. Feeling much nicer.

Plus...the weather is warm again! Although people here seem to be unable to handle it :). The whole shut-up-the-house-in-the-day-open-it-all-up-as-soon-as-it-cools concept is definitely new. I love it the weather, although it's much muggier than home (ugh).

Also, I got to wear my new headband! Thank you to Heart of Light for the tutorial...I actually made something people stopped me in the street to complement! Pictures when tomorrow or when I can steal Dean's camera...

Plus, I am seriously, seriously planning to buy the printing press. Had more practical discussions today, and have decided that perhaps in the next two or three months (I need job confirmation first!), I will get myself a used Adana and begin the journey...

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Betty said...

a printing press, wow