Friday, July 3, 2009

Portland Blogs

Those of you who know me know that I'm pretty much obsessed with the best town in the world (shhhh!). I grew up in Portland (well, kinda), and miss it every day. In fact, I might even annoy people with how much I compare everywhere else to it...Oh Portland.

Anyhow, one of the coolest things about Portland is it's creative environment. It's a great place for artists, authors, designers (fashion or otherwise) and even printers! And I've come across a handful (actually quite a few, but I can't put them allll on one post) blogs that represent some of Portland's loveliness.

Urban Weeds:

Sigh. Portland is so nice. So is this blog. Partially because of the cool people in it, partially because it makes me think of all the nice bits of the city. Think Sartorialist in Portland. The first post, featuring Kasey and her bike:

Frolic! gets a lot of press, because it's good. Chelsea's cool and she has lovely taste. Please look.

Le Train Bleu:

Le Train Bleu actually represents a fabulous shop (big sale on right now!), but I really really love the blog. Plus, the model is a girl I went to high school with (she's beautiful in these pics!) Check out this pic (part of an experiment with iphone filters, yay!):

Powells. Duh.

Clearly the coolest bookshop in the world (well, maybe tied with the one in Hampstead Heath where we asked for a book on Degas for Dean's little sister's school project and he said "In the third pile from the left, about six books down"). The blog is also cool. Obviously.

Camp Comfort

Roberta of Camp Comfort just recently moved to Portland, but she's been fitting in for a long time :). She recently did a series called "How I'd Wear It" based around a single pair of shorts. Take a look at one of the final spreads here, and the check them all out on her blog:

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