Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm tired. This is kind of what I feel like doing. Maybe the other cat could be Dean and we could turn it into a snuggle sprawl.

I have half of a new job! And I two weeks off work after Friday! And my very very very amazingest friend Cathy is coming Sunday for a week! And then I go to Berlin with my Dean!

I'm still tired though.

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Alan said...

I wrote a note, and it erased it. So I write again.

I loved your Kitty Committee. Cats have been important in our lives. I used to name my cats after famous women:

--Cady...for Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

--EG...for Emma Goldman (also your initials).

--The Quality Cat (maybe because I have been blessed with Quality Women in my life, including my two daughters and their Mother).

Other important Cats:

--The Cheshire Cat (from Alice).

--Krazy Kat (one of you, Margaret I think, got me the "action figure" to which, when I have a bit of extra, I may add Ignatz Mouse).

Your Mother says she decided I was marriage material when she saw how I lovingly and carefully treated baby kittens we had rescued, feeding them with water droppers and cleaning their bottoms.