Sunday, July 26, 2009


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Sorry for the posting delay. Things will be slow for the next week as well (unless I find lots of free wifi in Berlin, which is possible. Then again, I might be busy relaxing in the city with Dean, yay!).

Cathy just left today (saaaadness), but we had a wonderful, wonderful time. Because both of us have spent a good bit of time in London, we got to do some things that were more off-the-beaten-path-ish. Highlights:

*Fashion and Textile Museum's underwear exhibit (Cathy did her thesis on women's underwear and I just like looking at corsets)
*Wine and cheese from Borough Market
*Whole Foods Thirsty Thursday (£5, 5 wines, 5 canapes. Fantastic)
*Laughing. A lot.
*Getting a private tour of Sangorski and Sutcliffe's bindery and seeing their new Ian Fleming collections!!!!!!!!! (ok, this might actually belong above everything else except laughing)
*Harry Potter :)
*Late night Friday at the V & A (ok, been there a billion times, but it's still my favorite museum in the WHOLE WORLD)

Plus, I'd always wanted to live/stay close enough to Hyde Park to go running by the Serpentine every morning. I never knew that many people went for early morning swims at the Lido! It was an absolutely fantastic trip, complete with lots of time with a good friend, many glasses of wine, and just the right amount of chocolate!


Anonymous said...

oooooooh i had such a good time too! I was so sad that I had to leave. Don't forget the (kinda) mexican food and margaritas! Searching for an indian restraunt and then finding out there was one about 2 blocks away. Shopping! Everyone loved their presents so far. Oh and now that I managed to get myself bumped off the first flight home I have money to come back!!!!!


You Are My Fave said...

I need those summertime posters. I just want it to last forever.