Friday, July 10, 2009


Manuscript (c. 1791, c. 1800) of Jane Austen's dramatic adaptation of Samuel Richardson's novel The history of Sir Charles Grandison (1753-1754). From the Chawton House Library.

Guess what? Yesterday I saw and touched the first book Jane Austen's Juvenilia -- the manuscript!!!! It's one of only a few surviving Austen manuscripts, and we're lucky enough to have it at the library. She called it Volume The First (the British Library has two and three), and it's pretty much amazing. There's a brief post on it here, following a lecture the Bod put on (a conservator in conjuction with an Austen scholar/bibliographer. Fantastic). Also, see how times have changed...we bought it for about £50 in the 30s, and the other ones sold for hundreds of thousands later in the 80s.

Plus, I have an interview for an amazing job today. And check out the pillows over on Made Sweet! It's going to be a good Friday!

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Crystal Ball said...

You lucky girl! I can't believe you touched them. What a great experience :)