Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

I'm back from Berlin!!! And it was such an amazing city. Pictures to follow (Dean usually likes to vet which ones I use so I make his photography look good!), but here were some highlights:

-baby animals at the zoo!
-architecture. simply amazing. I was expecting far more ugly cement, but even the ugly cement was covered in interesting graffiti (parts of East Berlin were very entirely different atmosphere)
-sun. more sun.
-the beer garden in the Tiergarten
-going out in Fredrichshain (the coolest club an old factory site, with two indoor floors, one with a foosball table and a college common room vibe, outdoor seating in the trees and between interesting old factory buildings covered in some really beautiful graffiti, food stand with great barbecue, a climbing wall, abandoned buildings to explore, a skate goes on. It was cool.)
-spending time with Dean without either of us stressed about work
-spending time with Dean in general :)
-Karoline came to visit!


Rachel said...

So unfortunately, this already happened:
It's also pretty basic stuff, but it would still be amazing and it might be worth looking into the press... for a five day workshop, the price isn't outrageous. And most importantly, they provide tea, coffee, and biscuits. :]

Liz said...

1: Biscuits rock.
2: I would so have taken it. £280 is really really not that bad for something like that.
3: I'm making a book this month!