Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ahhh, cheese

Great day. Great weekend. Great visit with Zoe all week, in fact. Highlights of weekend:

-Motown karaoke with a five piece band (well, we watched). Getting back from London on the Oxford Tube at 6am. Making breakfast, then going to bed.

-Lunch in the sun on the grass by the river in the Botanic Gardens (whew! prepositions galore)

-Lots and lots of catching up with Zoe


-8am. Yummy omelettes with Zoe. Tea.
-8.30am. Walk over the river to Will's house. Mist rising, ducks swimming, silly rowers rowing.
-9am. Will's house. Get in the Peug.
-9.40am. Try to stop at Halfords. Not open yet. Employees...drinking...outside.
-10-12.53. Car Talk. Rest stops. Amazing bridges. Wales. Cardiff!!!
-1pm. Planning meeting. Decide cider is a must. Enter cheese line.
-1.20-2pm. EAT CHEESE. ALL KINDS. Favorite: Blacksticks Blue
-2.10pm. Eat amazing chickpea burger. Lay on grass in sun. Amazing.
-2.30pm. CHEESE MASTERCLASS. Sample more cheese. Get loads for home. FREE.
-4.00pm. Buy cheese. Watch cheese tossing contest. Lay on grass.
-5-8pm. Drive home. Play Cheddar Gorge with cheese theme in car.
-Rest of night. Eat soup. Snuggle. Contented cheese exhaustion.

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You Are My Fave said...

Umm, that sounds heavenly. Cheese is the greatest.