Sunday, September 20, 2009


So. I am, once again, writing grad school application statements. For another Master's. People look at me skeptically when I say that. And it's amazing how much you forget about school apps in one year off... And I have to write about how my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE is one big happy ball of diversity. Pretty much, anyhow. When all I really want to write about is how much I love library work. I know I can make them come together, but while I (pretend to) think about it, I'm doing things like making the above card and downloading the 500 Days of Summer playlist onto my Spotify. And drinking tea out of my new teapot (yay!). And anticipating reading Miss Hargreaves, thanks to Simon of Stuck In a Book!

PS. My hair is now red. Dark red. Will post a picture later, since Dean has promised to take some nice ones.


Alice said...

Maybe your (or Rach's) new knitting project should be a tea cosy then!

magsmcc said...

I go back to my term-time university library ywo evenings a week job, which I love, this very week, and your post has so inspired me. Roll on Wednesday evening and all those post-grad empassionados! What will their titles be this year? Good luck with yours!

Liz said...

Alice - Hmmm...perhaps after the scarf is actually finished :). It's getting there, despite a slip that could have used your help!