Monday, September 21, 2009

Things About Which I Am Very Excited

ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW!!!! (one of my closest friends is moving to London, which means we will at long last live in the same country)

Kids who don't know how hair changes colour (3 year olds who say, "how did you DO that?")
My sister, who is going to work on a farm project in Chile
The bottle of champagne that may get opened to welcome Zoe tomorrow
Nina Simone (constantly recently)
Chili chocolate from Hotel Chocolat
The doily garland/pennant thing that is now hanging in my room
Last but not new hair. Well, I am still deciding whether it really excites me, but it definitely does something. The pic makes me look slightly scary, but Dean's been working too hard to take any more and I'm not so hot in the self portrait department.

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Alan said...

I am on the same latitude as Chile...soon we will go further south and I think I will then be about the same latitude as Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso, I am ahead of Margaret.

We are living here in French, in Nouvelle Caledonie....our Liaison, from Brittany, told me that my French was without an accent (I didn't tell her that my active French vocabulary was T-I-N-Y...but I have been getting by). I am in Paris in the Pacific, the former Port de France, now Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia...of course, at first I found the bookstores... I will send you a French comic book about the locals, about which I wrote: La Brousse en Folie, at, where you can sample it. Very good. alg