Thursday, October 22, 2009

Explain to me again why I'm not there?

AND they have a card catalogue as shelves. Remember that obsession? Yeah.

Even though it would be kinda silly to get a hotel when I go home when I have my mom's beautiful farm to go to (plus a billion friends' houses), I really want to stay at the Ace Hotel. It's just that cool.

Going to get my ring sized today.....!!!!

Image of the Ace Hotel from SFgirlbythebay via gruber


Alan said...

I always wanted to stay at:

--The Hotel Coronado in San Diego, made of wood, famous from movies, and the beach has golden flecks in the sand....

---Timberline Lodge.

---The Lodge at Crater Lake.

---The French Glen Hotel, near Lake Malheur, where your Mother and I spent part of our honeymoon.

Love, alg

Alan said...

We may get to attend an event at the Raffles [Hotel/Club] in Singapore, where you may remember from Tintin...who else thinks of where they go based on Tintin ?