Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I acknowledge it's sappiness, it's possible misogyny, and all other flaws. But I still LOVED The Time Traveller's Wife (although not so much the film). It might have something to do with the fact that it pulls at all the right heart-strings, or that it was a present from my best friend, or that Henry is a rare books librarian, or that Audrey Niffenegger already rocks because she's a book artist (yes she is. She is COOL).

So I've been waiting patiently for her new book to come out, something I don't usually do quite so expectantly. And it came. To me. Yesterday. I started it this morning, while munching on blueberry-muffiny goodness. And although I can't say much yet, I can tell you it's off to a good start. One character is (was) a rare books dealer. Another gives tours in Highgate Cemetery and writes on Victorian death rituals. I am so excited.

Review to come. Plus my take on Miss Hargreaves...

PS. My sister is spending six months in Chile working on organic farms. How cool is that?

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