Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My family rocks

If any of you ever read the comments on my posts, you'll have seen that my Dad mentioned he may get to visit the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Why is this cool, you ask? Well. TINTIN. Enough said.

My dad is also travelling the world based on certain famous anthropologists. Accidentally, maybe, but that doesn't matter.

Also, my uncle sent my sister an email from his cat. It was amazing. So is she. She's Woofing in Chile. And my brother is working for the SW Conservation Corps in the Arizona desert. Argh it's cool.

Image from Raffles website


alg said...

Argh ! is a Pirate word. I have also made myself (until they throw me off the ship) its unofficial Poet Laureate, reading poems, writing poems, being a Johnny Appleseed of Literature and Poetry, playing music (recorder), singing, and was even lead act for the Ship's Talent Show, for which, accompanied by guitar & clarinet, I did "Lili Marlene" and a parody "The D-Day Dodgers." Even from Brecht's Three Penny Opera: The Pirate Jenny...and Charlotte Corday's Song about Rousseau from The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat, as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Clarenton, under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade, AND Old Wobbly songs, and Labor and Union Songs, and..... alg

alg said...

South Sea Maidens love me, have given me hugs and smiles, have wished me not to depart, miss me.... However, they seem to be...Little Sisters of the Poor in Nouvelle Caledonie....and, in Malaysia, a darling three year old who turned from tears to smiles when I made faces at her, played finger games, and gave her a photo, so that her family insisted I be part of a family photo, and told me the little one loves the photo I gave her--now a prize possession-- and keeps asking questions.... alg