Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Find: Eye-Pod

So. Will and I were sitting on the front steps of the Clarendon Building having lunch, and all of a sudden about 30 steampunk-ish dressed people came wandering by. Steampunk is not really a typical Oxford thing (somewhat surprisingly...it would fit quite well), so we were both a bit bemused.

Five minutes later, I was walking down Broad Street, and realised that they had all come from the Museum of the History of Science, which is hosting a Steampunk art exhibition. Somehow I missed this (was there press? I didn't see it!), but I had a quick wander through and really enjoyed it. It's not particularly large (I spent about 15 minutes there, and even a sloooow wander would probably only take about half an hour), but it's curated well. I don't know a lot about the steampunk scene, although it theoretically combines things about which I get very excited (fashion? science? Victorians? yes, please); even if you're not into it so much, the artwork is amazing. My particular favorite was the Eye-Pod, by Dr. Grymm, which got me Googling...needless to say, there's a lot of incredibly talented stuff out there, and I would really like this clock by Eric Freitas:

The lineup of events surrounding the exhibition sounds great (lectures on Science and History of Fashion, learning about clockwork, craft days, and film nights -- see the Museum's page for details). If you're in Oxford, have a look!

Eye-Pod image courtesy of Dr. Grymm's blog, clock image from MHS Steampunk blog


Alice said...

I saw this was happening back in July on the superpunch blog, but was later half convinced I imagined it!
In other news, Audrey Niffenegger was on bbc news this morning saying she gives tours around Highgate cemetery, which sounds like it could be the best tour ever.

Doctor Grymm said...

Thank you very much for posting about this and for the Kudos on my work.

Incidentally, another larger Steampunk exhibit is happening this July in Hartford CT, USA. Featuring 23 international artists. Check my blog for more info. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show! Steampunk certainly does have a little something for everyone!