Saturday, October 17, 2009

Read All Day

I'm torn...part of me says, "How cool is this woman?" She's Nina Shankovitch, and she's reading book a day for a year. She gets to spend all year doing what is one my absolute favorite things in the world, just because. She will emerge after 365 days with so much more understanding, although maybe some eyestrain as well. And she's clearly doing something right with her kids as well; according to this New York Times article, "Peter, her 16-year-old, is reading Pynchon; the 14-year-old, Michael, reads Ayn Rand and political screeds like those by Al Franken; and asked what kind of books he likes to read, George, the 11-year-old, replied, 'Long books.'"

At the same time though...she's having to give up just about everything else in order to accomplish her goal - by her own words, "the garden, The New Yorker, wasting time online, ambitious cooking, clothes shopping, coffee with friends" (from the above article). No friends? And as far as I can tell, no job? No baking cookies? Hmmmmmmm.

I would LOVE to have more reading time, and I read pretty quickly, but I think even I would find myself frustrated with trying to finish a book a day. And although I'm pretty sure reading is one of the most enriching things in life, there are other things it would be a shame to miss...

That's my take anyhow. Regardless, it's still cool. And she's got some pretty interesting choices. Check it out!

Image from Iguana Joe made available under a Creative Commons licence

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Amber Lee said...

wow. i'm with you. totally insanely jealous but yet? not sure if I could go that hard core. still its nice to think about.

oh, and from your post above, I love card catalogs.

Congrats on the engagement!