Monday, October 5, 2009

Words for the Day

I went searching for a quotation I think of from time to time, and decided it was posting it here...

stay together
learn the flowers
go light

-Gary Snyder, from Turtle Island
1974, New Directions


Alan L. Gallagher said...

Again...I am pleased you are reading and quoting Snyder, who graduated from Reed College, where he did his thesis: He Who Hunted Birds in his Father's Village. Turtle Island won the Pulitzer Prize. I once gave it as a present to Lisa. alg

Rachel said...

I am also excited to see a Gary Snyder quote, as this is one of my favorites:
"We know that science and art can be allies. We need far more women in politics. We need a religious view that embraces nature and does not fear science, business leaders who know and accept ecological and spiritual limits; political leaders who have spent time working in schools, factories, or farms, and who still write poems. We need intellectual and academic leaders who have studied both history and ecology, and like to dance and cook. We need poets and novelists who pay no attention to literary critics. But what we ultimately need most is human beings who love the world."
-Gary Snyder