Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ughs and Yays

Things that do NOT rock:
The flu
Tough days at work
Creepy guys

Things that definitely DO:
Seeing old friends
Little kids looking up to you
Working on Christmas cards and presents
Finishing grad school applications (AGAIN)
Fiances rushing back from work because you're ill (even when they can't do anything but be there. There's a reason I'm marrying this man)

Also. A plea: I am theoretically working on a blog for one of my jobs...this blog will be to market and highlight items from a political archive. I'm researching various blogs, but what I really DO NOT want this blog to be is an oh...well...look we got this thing today...sigh...boring. Anyone seen any really snazzy library/archive blogs? Anyone have any advice?


You Are My Fave said...

Ughh, feel better soon. Thank goodness for a sweet fiance.

alg said...

John Ciardi, in his translation (Signet Classic xxii, 2009) of Dante's Paradiso:

"...the universe as a symbolic book...where the ultimate reality is seen pecisely as a book:

I saw within Its depth how It conceives
all things in a single volume bound by Love,
of which the universe is the scattered leaves...

Another great "book" quotation.

Get better. alg