Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

(Zoe and I after a successful afternoon of cooking)

(Yes, that ivy is from the park. And it was free. Woohoo!
But we do need matching plates...)

(this isn't even everything...yum)

Ok, I did miss my family (a LOT), but I had Dean and Zoe! And Zoe and I successfully stole greenery, roasted 15 pounds of chicken, and coordinated seating and LOTS of food for 10 people. It was much much fun (and was made even more so by Thanksgiving Part Two on Sunday at Kim's).

all pics courtesy of Zoe

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alg said...

Food...and ceremony...are important. For years, I carried with me a tiny Christmas Tree--Charlie Brown--from U.S. Bank...it went to Europe, to Texas, and was sent once in emergency to Anna Grace...rituals make friendships and loves and homes. Love, alg