Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Of White Christmases and Holiday Inns

I was watching Holiday Inn while I got ready for work this morning, and it put me in a Christmas-y mood (especially as I'm not working tomorrow - oh how I wanted to sleep in today!). Don't be deceived by my photo - that's last year on the farm. There's snow all over the rest of the country, but at the moment Oxford is determined to produce only



Dean and I wrapped presents last night for his family. We used my new gift tags, and brown craft paper, and it was lovely. Tonight is more wrapping, printing, tree-trimming, holiday-movie-watching, perhaps popcorn or cookie eating loveliness.

Tomorrow Zoe comes - we're getting up at 4am to watch our best friends' annual Christmas concert via Skype. Speaking of Christmas traditions...this is the best one.


It all started 10 years ago with a penniless college student...now those students are professional musicians of some pretty high calibers (Andrew Oliver, of Sextet, Kora Band, etc. fame, Scott Kennedy, of Bridgetown Sextet and others, and a few other people always thrown in for good measure and more fun - last year we had an organ in the instrument line-up!). The concert is a gig for friends and families, in someone's living room (usually barely containing everyone), and with lots of food and drink. It's the best thing ever, and I HATE missing it. Last year we drove three hours through snow to get there.

I love my friends.

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alg said...

Read "London Snow" by Robert Bridges, former Poet Laureate, which you can find on-line. Lovely. alg. And Shakespeare: "Winter's Song"--"When icycles..." And Pound: "Winter is icummen in...Sing Goddamn." This you can actually sing, to the tune of "Summer is iccumen in."