Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life is good

So. While in London for a very important mission (more when I find out the result of said mission), I got to spend an afternoon with Zoe!!! (!!!!)

Can I just point out that it makes me so very very happy when I get to spend time with my closest friends? I am so so glad that Zoe moved to the UK. Who else would eat cupcakes with me? And let me just point out...that is no normal cupcake. It is a MARSHMALLOW CUPCAKE. Which makes it incredibly cooler.

Dear friends. Why must so many of you live in far away places?

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alg said...

Gallagher's Law:
The closer friends are, the farther they move away.

Song: So far away. "Doesn't anybody live in one place anymore."
A song that, at times, has made me cry. "You're so far away."