Saturday, January 16, 2010

Typeface: The film

Anyone in London next Thursday? How about Boise? Or Chicago later in the month? Love type? Then this is for you...


The film.

I think it rocks. They have amazing posters (unfortunately my favorite is selling for $1000). I want to see it (if only it were the NEXT Thursday, when I'm in London anyway!).

I can't decide whether it's amazing or slightly bothersome that printing has become the new hip thing. On the one side...I stumbled upon it in part because it is (well - in part. Scripps and Scripps College Press, in combination with the Mills College program and Southern California fine press printing in general, formed a large part of my printing education. I spent hours archiving Scripps College material and learning about it as part of my work in the library there, and that's where it started. And I don't know that my learning about printing at Oxford, where the bibliography room has been going for decades, falls into the new hip and trendy category). The fact that it's new and cool makes it easier to find material. It means there are more people to share ideas and experiences with. It means when I go home to Portland I have exciting things to do. It means when I make stuff people admire it and will potentially (one day) buy it.

But it also means it's not the same small community anymore that I think it had been in the past (again,'s still small. Just not AS small). Not that I can claim to be a huge part of the community yet, but I'd like to have a little edge or corner one day. I don't want it to be the thing that EVERYone does. Maybe I just feel that way because everyone does it in Portland? Am I just being silly?

I guess it's the same as find a band no one knows about, then they're the next big thing. You start Irish dancing, then Riverdance comes along and everyone does it (ok - that's kind of specific to me, and it was because of Riverdance that I got to tour the world with a professional dance company). But you know what I mean - it's not your thing anymore, it's that thing that everyone does.


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