Saturday, February 13, 2010

He sent me ROSES :)

Dean and I have the amazing luck of celebrating our anniversary (yeah, I know we're not married yet, but when you've been together six years (!!!!) you have to celebrate it because it's a wonderful thing) two days before Valentine's Day. So we have a whole weekend to celebrate us!

Last night we ate some lovely fish and salted caramel chocolate mousse at the Ashmolean Dining Room (current favorite restaurant font, by the way), and Dean is now the proud owner of a poster that reflects his outlook on life:

I know lots of people think Valentine's Day is stupid, but I don't. I even loved the cheesy Cinderella valentine's we gave everyone in 2nd grade. I know, I know, all the commercialism is crap and we shouldn't have to buy things to ensure that our loved ones know we love them...but it's a day for brownies and candy conversation hearts and paper goods that are lovely to look at and snuggles and all that is good - what's not to like? Seriously. Chocolate, paper and snuggles. Think about it.

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nice post. thanks.