Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog It Forward: Sources of Inspiration

Some readers may know about the extra-special Blog It Forward project that sfgirlbybay is running. It features over 300 (!!!) bloggers in an interconnected mashup extravaganza of inspiration. Yesterday, Out and About Africa talked about sources of inspiration (and there are a lot to choose from when you blog about such a beautiful continent!); tomorrow, Paislee Press will wrap up our section of the event.

So. What is Blog It Forward about? Things that inspire! Although I care way to much about staying on time and getting things done, there are quite a few things that manage to sweep me away/leave me awestruck and full of a desire to DO things - whether that do-ing is printing, reading, writing, starting projects, or just thinking or loving. Some of the many include:

books. libraries. people who love books. reading. words.
Bookshelf art by Timothy Taylor, found on librarynotebook. Isn't it cool?

I've written far to many essays on how enthralled I am by the fact that tiny scribbles on a page can change the world. Seriously. When you think about it, it's awe-inspiring. Entire civilizations and many of the things that make me laugh or cry rest on the power of a few scratches and some sounds. And its all in libraries. You can go and TOUCH what changed the world. How amazing is that?

dancing. Photo by Dean McCarthy

I am a dancer. Before I started 'real' classes (which led to daily Irish dancing and world travel), I made my parents' dinner guests sit down and watch my performances. Dancing, really dancing, is incredibly freeing. And a truly gifted dancer almost always makes me cry from sheer...I'm not even sure. Emotion? Power? Sometimes it just that it makes me want to get up and dance with my whole entire being.

people who think. and are curious. and wonder at things.
image via Apartment 34

Because they constantly make me question my own ideas and values. Because they let me love them (some of them at least). Because they create our world.

These are only a small few of the many things that inspire me. Others might include Dean (um that's a huge one. Dean is always pushing me to be a better person) Or daffodils. Or pie. Or my dearest friends. Or TYPOGRAPHY (that's also a pretty big one, actually). Or smiles. I could go on...


Fringe said...

Wonderful! I'm inspired by your inspirations too :)...It is hard to narrow things down, isn't it? I think you did a beautiful job of it, and I'm so happy to "meet" you. Your blog is lovely.

Thank you so much for sharing...xo

Toni said...

i love the pictures you posted! Very Inspiring!

Cyn said...

I can tell from your post that you appreciate life, from the very small things to those big things that really matter. That's inspiring to me. Thanks!

bradee said...

what a wonderful post! xo

Arcadia said...

i'm a former ballerina myself, so i truly understand the power of the dance. great post!

Jenny said...

very cool post :D especially the books picture.