Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm lame....

...Because I haven't posted in days and days. You might think that means that I have such a glamourous lifestyle that I am too busy enjoying champagne at midnight and meeting famous people (you would be forgiven for thinking this - I know I give that impression sometimes). Actually, I have just been working A LOT and applying for MANY scholarships and trying to learn THOUSANDS of dance steps that are all the same but called different things (seriously. WHO wrote the TCRG book?).

That said, exciting things have actually happened to me. Dean and I found Atomic Burger and have now been twice in a week (that's impressive for us, but they have peanut butter milkshakes and play Star Wars clips, so we're kinda hooked). Zoe and I went to look at some wedding dresses - and got some serious attitude from the woman at The Bridal Room at House of Fraser (don't go there) - but also enjoyed a night out in Brick Lane, some amazing chicken, and Olympic curling. We then ventured into the UK's first Anthropologie (I know, I know, I can't afford anything there, but they have card catalogues. Card Catalogues. Why do they get to use them to display unaffordable pretty things when I have ACTUAL stuff I could put in them. Like pretty things? Or maybe spoons?). Anthropologie has...dun dun dun...the most amazing 'wallpaper' ever. A beautiful growing green wall:

Ok, most random post ever. Sorry.
Image courtesy of Biotecture, creator of the wall

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