Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding photos done right

Some words of wisdom from A Los Angeles Love (discovered via East Side Bride)...

(with the added point that I do believe that wedding photos themselves are lovely and that not stressing over the perfect look etc. doesn't have to mean eschewing them entirely - keeping in mind the oh-so-reasonable concept that your wedding is NOT a production and you are not a Hollywood star)

"[People say]...Wedding season is around the corner and you "need" to look bikini-ready for that dress. And even worse than the how-do-I-lose-ten-pounds-fast-and-entirely-unhealthily panic is the oh-[crap]-I-have-to-take-pictures despair...

Turn away from those blogs right now and reclaim your wedding. For yourself. Because your love isn't ordinary. It's rooted in your unique how-we-met story and your own we-snorted-soda-out-of-our-noses stories and your individual how-the-hell-would-I-have-made-it-here-without-this-partner stories. Your love is gorgeous and obvious and entirely personal. And it will shine through in the pictures. And it will illuminate your faces with complete and utterly stunning joy."

Photograph of sheer joy from Lillian and Leonard

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